The unique approach to skin care pioneered by Dermalogica is based on several important differences between Dermalogica and any other skin care product.

No Mineral Oil
Mineral Oil is a petroleum by-product which leaves a greasy film on the skin surface. Dermalogica uses lightweight, natural vegetable oils as alternative emolients.

No Lanolin
Lanolin is a wax derivative of sheep wool, and can be allery-causing and comedogenic. Dermalogica uses aromatic essential plant oils and silk proteins as moisturizing agents.

No Artificial Colours
Artificial colours in products can cause skin irritation and breakouts.Dermalogica does not use artificial colour. The natural ingredients determine the final appearance of any Dermalogica product.

No Artificial Fragrance
Companies add artificial fragrenc to products to improve their smell. These can cause allergies and skin sensitivity. Dermalogica allows the herbal extracts and aromatic plant oils in the formula to determine the products unique fragrance.

No S.D. Alcohol
Specially Denatured Alcohols are used in many products to artificiallydry the skin surface. This strips natural moisture from the skin andleads to excess dryness. Dermalogica uses naturally astringent herbal extracts and oil-absorbing clays to help treat excess oiliness in problem skins.

No Formaldehyde
Formaldehyde is a common preservative in many products. It can cause skin dryness and irritation. Dermalogica preserves its products with alternative preservative systems to ensure the safety of the products throughout their usage.

Non Comedogenic
Products may contain comedogenic ingredients, which cause skin breakouts and acne. Dermalogicaproducts are designed to be non-comedogenic, and are suitable foracne-prone skin conditions. This is why they are recommended bydermatologists and used in their medical practices.

Contamination Free Packaging
Products that are packaged in jars are easily contaminated with bacterial from the hands and environment. Dermalogica packages its products in the most hygienic containers, to avoid contact contamination during use.